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Our Team

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Nancy Pan CEO, Co-Founder

Nancy has 15 years in helping western companies understand China, and has led key projects from multinational corporations like Google, Intel, Siemens, etc. Also helps train companies on acquiring China user/ customer insights for new product innovation. Nancy has a Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Studies at Tongji University, she is bicultural and bilingual, and is a professional translator between English and Mandarin.


Sonya Shi COO, Co-Founder

Sonya works at Kaizor Innovation for 6 years as a UX Designer and helped clients such as Google, Combi (Baby Products), Puyi (Luxury Eyewear). She’s specializing in applying Customer-Centric innovation processes with western mentalities to Asia, taking designs from innovation insights to implementation. She graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master Degree in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology.

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Bei Zhou CFO, Co-Founder

Bei has over 17 years of deep experience in Investment Banking and Wealth Management. Bei is a results-oriented leader with extensive Financial Products and FIM/EAM experience. She is an Infrastructure leader and financial steward who motivates teams to top achievement. She has an MBA graduate from University of Bridgeport with proven leadership, business development, and influencing skills.


Sara Yi CMO, Co-Founder

Sara has years of experience in implementing Corporate supplier chain strategies among ODM/OEM for Electronic products and mattress/soft goods supplies globally, especially in Southern Asia. She is in charge of sourcing new suppliers, contract review/negotiation including SOW/MSA, price negotiation and managing overall supplier relationship, etc. Sara holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin.

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Elaine Ann CXO, Advisor

Elaine has 25 years of experience in New Product Innovation and User Experience. Her company Kaizor Innovation has helped many Tech companies such as Google, Intel, Airbnb, Dropbox etc. understand users and strategise their products for the China market. Elaine has trained/ mentored more than 1000 entrepreneurs at Startup Incubators/ Accelerators. She has written a book on Designing and Strategizing for the Next Trillion Dollar Market.


Alvin Hung CTO, Advisor

Alvin is a serial entrepreneur who has been passionate about technology and startups from a young age. His third startup, Vyond, is a web application that enables businesses to create animated videos easily. Over half of all Fortune 500 companies are using Vyond. Brightful, Alvin’s fourth startup, is focused on connecting people meaningfully. Brightful is a #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week on Product Hunt. Alvin holds a B.A. from Columbia University in New York where he double majored in Computer Science and Economics.

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